Where to get the best Wimbledon tennis tickets?

Since a very long time, the ways through which you can get the Wimbledon tennis tickets have been 4 in number. They are as follows:

· The queue method:

If you really want to see the game and have no other way left, then standing in the queue and waiting for your turn for the ticket is the best option that you have got. It can be hectic and only the passion of the game in the heart of a fan can bear the situation.

· The ballot method:

An old traditional method practiced by the event organization. A letter is sent to the AELTC and they in return send a form that is to be filled and applied for in order to get the tickets. You might get lucky and win a ticket through this method.

· Official hospitality packages:

Many sponsors or other official media partners offer hospitality packages for those who have got some extra penny to spend. These packages include hotel stay or lunch/ dinner deals.

· Through ticketmaster or any other authentic online source:

One thing you need to make sure before buying ticket from any place is their authenticity. Ticketmaster is the official online ticket selling partner of the Wimbledon event. Many other online stores and agents also sell the tickets but not all of them are authentic or legal.